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>> time for 60 minutes around the world on "france 24." these are today's top stories. the fragile cease-fire in the middle east collapses as new fire breaks out. palestinian rocket fire from gaza is met with a heavy israeli response targeting a hamas military chief. clashes break out again in ferguson, missouri, after another night of mostly peaceful protest. after much criticism over their tear gas tactics in recent days, the police seem to be keeping a much lower profile. a horrific online video shows beheading of an american journalist by the isis militant
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group, who threatened to kill another captive if the u.s. does not stop its airstrikes in iraq. thanks again for joining us for this hour of live news and other programs. we will be heading to brazil in a bid to meet the bahi'an dance troup in salvador. they have been celebrating the culture for 25 years and wowing audiences around the world. also on the way, some of the tens of thousands of angolans living in the democratic republic of congo are slowly beginning to return home. for some, it is a return after decades away, forced out by the war. east, in the middle
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rocket fire has shattered a six-day cease-fire. palestinian militants shot into israel eight hours before the truce was due to end on tuesday. israeli military targeted the hamas, killing his wife and child. >> sirens sounded, signaling an end to the com -- calm brought by the temporary cease-fire. in gaza, residents felt the full force of israel's power -- firepower. and child were killed and over 40 others were caught in the crossfire. >> i was sitting with my children. some of them were asleep. suddenly, there were missiles everywhere. it was like an earthquake. my neighbor's house was targeted. it was full of women and children, full of people, and it is completely destroyed. pulled theird they
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negotiators out of the cairo talks after hamas fired rockets into a town close to the gaza border. they say they will not negotiate under fire and blamed hamas for the breakdown. >> this is the 11th cease-fire that hamas has either rejected or violated. a cease-firer that has to be a two-way street. it is not just that israel hold its fire. hamas must hold its fire, too. >> negotiators claim that israel pulled out of the talks before the cease-fire collapsed and accused them of having no intention of securing a long-term truce. >> israel collapsed the negotiations while we were still negotiating through the egyptian mediator. this was proved that this was a premeditated decision to foil the negotiations and that israel intended to break the cease-fire. an and to the
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brutal conflict seems as distant -- an end to the brutal conflict seems as distant as ever. >> the end to another cease-fire. is the region slipping back into war? it must feel that way if you're living in gaza at the moment. rockets firing off from gaza into israel, 50 last night, 20 earlier this morning, and incoming from israel as well, 30 airstrikes. 11 people, as far as we know, have been killed, including the wife and daughter of the military commander of hamas in gaza. it must feel as though we are almost on the brink of another war. but i suspect that neither side really wants to go right down the roads to where they were last month and the beginning of this month. on the hamas side, they have taken a mauling from the israeli forces. somewhere in the range of 600 men havbeen killed during the
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conflict. the city of gaza is in a dreadful state. 17,000 buildings need reconstructing. on the israeli side, there is no certainty that, even if they do start another conflict, they are going to get what they want. if it means close fighting with hamas in all the ways of gaza, it could be extremely costly. on both sides, there are good reasons, as long as sane heads are thinking, to prevent them going down that road. what it means if they don't go down that road is we will see this desultory sort of conflict we have seen throughout 2012, 20 13 occasional rocket attacks 2013,ed by -- 2012, occasional rocket attacks followed by reprisals. >> talk us through the two main issues on each side and what might work to get them resolved. >> there is absolutely no spirit of compromise on either side.
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hamas' point of view, the key demand is an end to the blockade. support of the palestinian people of gaza, who have been living under truly insufferable conditions under the blockade, not just physical and material, but psychological as well. it is like a pressure cooker for them. when hamas says there must be concessions on the ending of the blockade, they have the support of the palestinian people. but it is quite clear, perfectly clear to hamas as well that, unless they make concessions themselves to the israelis on other things, like disarmament, there is going to be no progress. israel is never going to concede an end to the blockade if there are no guarantees that hamas won't use that to try to rearm itself. there is no suggestion from hamas is prepared to go that direction. we are locked in this dialogue of the death. >> thank you.
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now to the united states, where fighting broke out again last night in ferguson, missouri. people there are protesting the killing of an unarmed black teenager, michael brown, by a white police officer. they're also angry about what they called the militarization of the local forces. in one key development last night, there did seem to be more restraint on the part of the police, despite the fact that some people were throwing bottles at them. later today, the u.s. attorney theral eric holder is -- u.s. attorney general, eric holder, is set to visit. more on the violence last night. >> get on your knees. >> back up. >> police tactics became clearer. one by one, those who are considered to be troublemakers are isolated, handcuffed, and taken away. no teargas this time, no molotov cocktails thrown, but
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the situation in ferguson, there is no doubt, is still tense. over 40 people arrested during this one night. >> chaos is what is happening right now. have us surrounded. this is a war strategy. they are the law, but they are lawless. watch them. here they come. >> the arrests were for refusal to disperse and for throwing bottles at the police. the knife had been calm until -- the night had been calm until then. police had clearly been given the order to stay on the sidelines as much as possible. but the news of another black man, this one armed with a knife , shot and killed by a police officer a few kilometers away have increased the anger. all this watched by amnesty international, who, for the
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first time, deployed a team inside the united states. with the violence seen in ferguson, another night of protests come to -- comes to an end with a clash between protesters and police forces. there is right now no clear end in sight. >> that report from ferguson, missouri. a horrific video has appeared online apparently showing the beheading of an american journalist by the islamic state, who have threatened to kill another u.s. reporter held captive if the u.s. does not stop backing iraq. earlier this week, u.s. airstrikes helped kurdish and iraqi soldiers recut -- recapture the country's biggest dam after insurgents took it two weeks ago. more about the grisly killing of this journalist, james foley. >> i did not know him personally, but i know a great many people who did and were very close to him.
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if this was the case, that the video was carried out as a message to the united states because of these airstrikes, really, and that it was sanctioned by isis leadership, then that is an indication of just how effective these airstrikes have been and how powerless isis are to do anything in retaliation mattila -- retaliation militarily about the airstrikes. that certainly reflects what we've been told on the ground by peshmerga just yesterday at mosul dam. troopsinary peshmerga were coming up to us and saying bank got for the airstrikes. -- saying thank god for the airstrikes. the military commander was thankful as well. there is no indication as of yet that these airstrikes will stop.
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norica has a policy of negotiation with terrorists. you can imagine they will continue, but we will have to wait and see what happens through the coming days, and whether they are still supported by airstrikes, which i imagine they will be. >> the islamic state organization did claim that it killed this journalist, james foley, as payback for those airstrikes in iraq. those strikes did help recapture the most of them -- the mosul dam. that was a significant victory for the iraqi troops and the kurdish peshmerga fighters. we have this report from the newly retaken dam. >> burned-out cars and destroyed buildings line the road to mosul dam. craters in the ground are evidence of u.s. airstrikes. the kurds are eager to show they have beaten i suspect and are
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now in control of the area. itself,on top of the dam near the hydroelectric powerplant, parts of which you can see behind me. there is no sign of any damage here, but there is evidence that a fight took place. iber bullet50-cal cartridges on the ground. i can hear fighting in the distance. the peshmerga say they inflicted heavy losses on isis but they took their dead with them. they lost two men and suffered 11 casualties, but they are still jubilant. >> i feel very happy because we liberated this land, thanks to god. the peshmerga came here last night and took the area and now everything is secure. there was a sniper on that hill, but we got him, too. >> when the islamists took the dam, it took -- sent a wave of alarm through kurdistan.
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this is their first major victory against isis and it will restore confidence, but it was by no means the chief alone. >> isis is not only a threat to kurdistan, but to the whole free world. that's why we were very happy that they helped us, and we thank all the countries who , so that these terrorists do not spread out to other nations. >> the kurdish regional government has made it clear they will only protect kurdish areas. the kurds are unlikely to advance beyond what they consider their borders. forces are continuing to fight the extremist fighters on a string of fronts, including in saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit. this as the united nations is readying a massive aid operation to try to help some of the 500,000 iraqis who have been
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displaced during the conflict. let's look at some other news stories for you on "france 24 -- on "france 24." monrovia tofired in try and break up a stonethrowing crowd. people are angry about leaving their neighborhoods placed under koran team. the liberian president has put a curfew into place at night to try -- under quarantine. the liberian president has put a curfew into place at night. have been, 34 locals killed and some 30 hurt in the past 24 hours in -- in donetsk. it is the largest city still in rebel hands. several neighborhoods have been hit with artillery fire in the past few days. isistan's powerful military calling for talks to resolve a weeklong political crisis.
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tens of thousands of protesters have marched on parliament, demanding the prime minister resign. people of all ages staged a sit in outside parliament after they defied a government ban on entering the area. they say last year's general election was rigged. japan, where over 30 people have been killed and nine more are still missing in the landslides in here oshima. -- in here oshima -- in hiros hima. kate moody explains. >> after hours of heavy rain, the hills around hiroshima gave away. the series of deadly landslides swept away cars, trees, and buildings, leaving a trail of mud, debris, and crushed homes. some victims were buried alive as they slept. others were lucky enough to escape. >> i woke up in the middle of the night. the corridor to the living room of my house was already flooded. i heard the sound of more water coming in, so i rushed out of
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the house. >> all we could do was gather up as a family and try to get away. the flow of mud coming into the house was very strong. >> some residents were airlifted out of their homes, while others waited for help. hase minister shinzo abe ordered hundreds of military personnel to join rescue operations in the western city. the mudslides were the result of orth of heavy rain falling in 24 hours. landslides are a common risk in mountainous japan, where many homes are built on or near steep slopes and torrential downpours make the ground unstable. an average 1200 landslides are reported each year across the country and authorities warned the continued bad weather could trigger more in the days to come. >> let's take another quick look at our top stories.
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the fragile cease-fire in the middle east collapses as new fighting breaks out. palestinian rocket fire from gaza is met with a heavy israeli response targeting hamas military chief. out again in ferguson, missouri, after a new night of mostly peaceful protests. after much criticism over their teargas tactics in recent days, the police seem to be keeping a much lower profile. has beena look at what grabbing headlines around the world with our press reviewer. still a lot of focus today on the developing story in ferguson, missouri. >> absolutely. there is a very interesting story out of slate. apparently some countries are delighted about what's happening in missouri. the world's dictators love the unrest in ferguson. they are usually at the receiving end of u.s. criticism for their crackdowns on public protest, and now they are having a field day turning the tables
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on washington. i pulled out one article from the egyptian press, "daily ne ws," which is the latest to express its deep concern. " someone from the foreign ministry, which calls for restraint and respect for the right of assembly. egyptians are not the only ones. russian and chinese papers are coming out to make comments. i pulled out a comment from china's state-run news agency, , which saysinhua the united states needs to concentrate on its own problems, rather than always putting -- pointing the finger at others. >> it seems in the united states, president obama is getting a lot of criticism as well. >> they are calling on the president to do more, maybe show more emotion. the musician, puff daddy, p. diddy, had a video message for obama where he said, you need to get on the plane, these are
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your people, it is serious. "the washington post" says, it is serious, but there is not much obama can do. this article comes to obama's ofense and says, in the face on realistic expectations, he is being neither silent nor disengaged. he is letting the department of justice and the fbi do their jobs. because of the ongoing investigation, the last thing anybody should want, according to this article, is for the president to be rhetorically reckless in talking about the killing of michael brown. >> let's come back to france, where the spotlight is on the government here, which is finally getting back to work after its summer break. >> it is back-to-school for the french government. a lot of french papers are focusing on this. hollande is int the spotlight." it's a risky situation. on the one hand, he is facing a disastrous economic situation. he is also facing a rebellion within the socialist party hedre
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-- here in france. the left wing of the socialist party feels that for long's -- feels that holland'es policies -- that hollande's policies are too pro-business. says they are a real threat for hollande, because they are arguing for a old-fashioned politics. they will bring france to its knees, that's what "le figaro" says in its editorial. it says that this group of rebellious socialists is like a compassed that shows the wrong direction to go in, the -- a compass that shows the wrong direction to go in, the path toward destruction. >> and an increase in dividend payouts. >> it is focusing on the dividends that french companies
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distribute to shareholders, which increased by 30% in the second trimester. you can see what "liberation" thinks about it. they call it "indecency." they say that 30% increase is disgusting, stunning, very strong words. they are outraged and say that this is a slap in the face from business owners to the socialist government. it is crazy, according to liberation, because the government is spending public money to help businesses and boost job creation. businesses in turn are handing out cash to private shareholders. we are talking about 40 billion euros. this is money that the french economy needs. to quote the editorial, it is as if the short-term interests of shareholders is more important than the long-term interests of the country. >> finally, bad news for all of you travelers across northern europe. a bit of back to the future,
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perhaps, with the irruption of another -- the eruption of another volcano in iceland. >> i pulled out this article from "iceland review." it teaches us how to print new -- to pronounce the name of the volcano. there is a video. >> bardarbunga. bardarbunga. >> there are some letters i have never seen. >> i'm not going to try. >> it reminds me of the other volcano in 2010 that grounded a lot of flights. i remember just saying it is the icelandic volcano. >> when in doubt, leave it out. thank you so much. time now for sports on "france 24." we will start with the champions league. the qualifying round of the season's champions league open ed. they won 2 and drew 2. the coach looked to base his
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team's strength in defense. >> it is always very important. we will do our best against a quality opponent. they are one of the top teams in europe. a lot of young talent. >> they won their only game in the portugal domestic season. he says their team is not favorites. >> we're not favorites for this time. we will be facing a good, little team. they have had preparation and have already played a few games this season. there is no certain start. there won't be one deciding factor, but multiple ones. >> we return to europe's top table.
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-- they returned to europe's top table after one season. in the champions league, on t uesday, istanbul will have to do without -- he was sent off. came from behind to beat copenhagen. salzburg beat malmo. steaua bucharest beat ludogorets 1-0. been unveiled after conditions of his four-month ban. he maue -- made a cameo appearance in a friendly. he says he is focused on the season ahead. happened, i was
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very depressed for days. i didn't want to do anything. i was just with my wife and son. i thought about what happened. i thought i had to face reality and ask forgiveness. everybody in uruguay. i've done it. that is all behind me. i need to focus on the present. that is here with barcelona. it is a difficult moment for me. , noy to all the fans there worry for that, because i don't do that anymore. you.edia will criticize but it does not matter for me. surrez wants to get into
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training and get used to his new club. suarez wants to get into training and get used to his new club. >> i had the same situation in liverpool. it has been a long time. theou concentrate, you have focus for the training with the teammates and you help the team and the -- this is my situation now. i accepgg99ññwçç
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>> next up, mozambique find a better way to clear landmines. and afghanistan's youth finds a unique escape from tension and violence. see some new solutions to old problems, ideas that cost tradition out the window. makings about people real progress and tackling the world's toughest issues. can a story change the world? ,ee for yourself in viewchange outside the box. governments have tools in their belts when it comes to problem solving's in countries, and a lot

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